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5 Dollars Type 2006

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15 déc. 2020 10:03
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15 oct. 2020 10:03
495 CAD
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5 Dollars Type 2006
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Pick : #101A , TBB : B366
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PMG 66
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Banque du Canada (2001-2006)
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Charlton states that there are only 127 Rotator notes for every series of 10 million notes printed !!Rotator notes can only have the numbers 0. 6, ,8 , or 9. The middle number can only be an 8 or 0. The serial number must read the same once the note is " rotated " through a half turn " upside down ".So the numbers can only be 0,6,8,9, AND must be in a certain order as well.Charlton at one time noted that " some people " consider notes with a " 1 " in them as rotators, they no longer make that statement in the 2020 Charlton catalogue.Charlton also states " Collectors have recently begun to pay attention to roataor or " SWIMS " notes. I read that as the value guide hasn't caught up to the market value. So there are only 1397 Rotator notes in this series. How many do you think are available in this grade ? Be careful what you buy !! NO TAX , from my private collection I COMBINE SHIPPING, YOU PAY THE HIGHEST SHIPPING COST AND …



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