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50 Dollars Type 2012

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29 nov. 2020 07:50
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19 nov. 2020
59 $
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50 Dollars Type 2012
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PMG 67
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Banque du Canada (2011-2017)
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TT PK BC-72b 2012 CANADA BANK 50 DOLLARS SIR MACKENZIE PMG 67 EPQ SUPERB GEM! A gorgeous modern MONSTER GEM note from series 2012 $50 from Canada. Bank of Canada. BC-72b with serial number GHN1046614. Graded 67 Exceptional Paper Quality Superb Gem Uncirculated by PMG. An exquisite banknote displaying bold rich inks on fully crisp, heavily embossed paper! The margins are sharp and flawless. Black serial number on the back side of the note. Printed on polymer plastic which outlasts regular paper due to environmentally resistant material! W. L. Mackenzie at left center on face. CCGS Amusden, research icebreaker on the reverse side. Signature(s): Wilkins-Poloz.With nearly 20 years experience, we state its EBay Buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's insane ridiculous lowest possible prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified United States Rare Paper Money some 10 years ago ,We insiste…



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