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2000 dinars type 1992

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13 oct. 2020 21:11
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13 mars 2021 20:11
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2000 dinars type 1992
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République de Croatie (1991-1993)
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C R O A T I A REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA 1991 HRVATSKI DINAR ISSUE 2000 Dinar 15.1.1992 UNC P-23s Official SPECIMEN note with all zerose serial number. The banknotes of the state of Croatia since 1991 are issued with the currency denomination 'Dinar', which since 1994 have been replaced by banknotes with the currency denomination 'Kuna'. The banknotes were printed in Sweden . - The mathematician and physicist Ruger Bošković studied the earth's body and Newton's theory of gravity. The model for the portrait is likely to be the painting by the English painter Robert Edge Pine from 1760. Zagreb Cathedral is the symbol of the city .Front: Half-length portrait of Ruder Bošković in three-quarter profile to the right. Geometric calculations top right. Angled overprint 'SPECIMEN'.Back: View of the Zagreb Cathedral , behind it the building. Inclined overprint 'UZORAK'. ****** Please read the terms of sale and shipping terms before you bid, to make s…