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1 dollar Type 1874-1917

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18 jan. 2021 04:42
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11 jan. 2021 04:42
475 $
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1 dollar Type 1874-1917
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Pick : #153
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Large Size Notes - Legal Tender Issues (1862-1923)
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rare OVER 100 YEARS OLD. BID OR BUY OR MAKE AN OFFER Fr.38m MULE $1 1917 MULE LEGAL TENDER. M-A BLOCK PCGS CERTIFIED PCGS CHOICE ABOUT NEW 55 . BLAZING RED INKS ON THE SEAL AND THE SERIAL NUMBERS this is a graded note AND CERTIFIED BY PCGS, Fr. 38m MULE $1 1917 Mule Legal Tender Friedberg 38s are about six times scarcer than Friedberg 39s. Also, about half of the Fr. 38s are Mules with the back plate number located at bottom center of the left open field. Bright, white paper and a bold overprint are the trademarks of this most beautiful noteWhat is a mule note?A mule is a note that has a micro plate number on one side and a macro plate number on the other. ... Mules are an intriguing part of collecting small size United States paper money.BUY IT NOW OR MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER PLEASE FAST SHIPPING,,,, OUTSIDE OF THE USA, YOU MUST USE EBAY GLOBAL SHIPPING AND EBAY DETERMINES THE PRICE, NOT ME. I DO NOT MAKE A PENNY ON IT you just can't find these in the currency market. certainl…



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