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Annonce 306118

50 Pesetas Type 1902

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21 jan. 2021 03:36
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14 jan. 2021 03:36
119 $
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Indice rareté :
Pays :
Dénomination :
50 Pesetas Type 1902
Référence :
Pick : #52 , TBB : B492a
Qualité :
Grade :
PMG 62
Date :
Alphabet :
Émetteur :
Banque d'Espagne (1902-1905)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

Spain 50 Pesetas Currency Banknote 1902 – PROOF- PMG 62 UNC This is a SCARCE PMG CERTIFIED HIGH GRADE PROOF Currency Banknote from Spain. This Spanish Bank Note was issued by El Banco De Espana for 50 Pesetas in 1902. The Note features a Portrait of Diego Velazquez on the obverse.. This uniface PROOF Banknote is Catalogued as Pick-52pp1. The Note has a minor foxing spot otherwise grades in PMG 62 UNCIRCULATED Condition. Shipping and handling cost will be $3.50. International shipping will be $12.95. Please read our shipping policy below. International delivery may be delayed because of Covid restrictions. *** NOTE: Because of past fictitious bidders, any bidder with zero feedback Must contact me prior to bidding, or such bids will automatically be cancelled. *** A SCARCE PMG PROFESSIONALLY GRADED EARLY HIGH GRADE CURRENCY PROOF BANKNOTE FROM SPAIN FOR YOUR COLLECTION !!!!!! Blue Track Page Views WithAuctiva's FREE Counter



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