Annonce 317114

Guinée Équatoriale
100 ekuele Type 1975

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16 oct. 2019 22:44
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16 mars 2021 21:44
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Indice rareté :
Pays :
Guinée Équatoriale
Dénomination :
100 ekuele Type 1975
Référence :
Pick : #6a , TBB : B203a
Qualité :
Grade :
PMG 64
Date :
Alphabet :
Émetteur :
Banque populaire (1975)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

TT PK 6 1975 EQUATORIAL GUINEA 100 EKUELE "M.G. BIYOGO" PMG 64 FINEST KNOWN 1975 100 Ekuele from Equatorial Guinea. Banco Popular. Pk 6 and serial number C/10 814470. Graded 64 by PMG. PMG Population Report states that there is one other example graded finer, making this the highest example known, holding top population! A delightful banknote with intense, bold colors and good margins! Black serial number seen on the front of the note. Crisp and well-embossed paper! 7.7.1975. Green on pink and multicolored underprint. Portrait of President M. N. Blyogo at right and as watermark. Bridge and boats on back. Name underneath: MACIAS NGUEMA BIYOGO. Printer: TDLR. With nearly 20 years experience, we state its today’s EBay Buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's insane ridiculous lowest possible prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified United States Rare Paper Money some 10 ye…



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