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10 dollars Type 1869

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17 fév. 2021 02:44
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17 mars 2021 02:44
9 995 $
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10 dollars Type 1869
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Pick : #147
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Large Size Notes - Legal Tender Issues (1862-1923)
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FR 96 $10 1869 Legal Tender PMG 64 "Great Color" - This is a very attractive $10 Rainbow with exceptional eye appeal and bold inks. This example features fantastic margins especially on the back where one will typically find a less-than-desirable bottom margin. This note is the exception and faces up incredibly well with its attractive blue, green and red inks on the front. PMG liked the note as well for they placed the coveted “Great Color” comment on the back of the holder. With higher graded examples costing nearly twice as much, securing this example for your collection will be a decision well made.$10 RAINBOW WITH GREAT MARGINS AND COLOR



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