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5 pounds type 1955

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06 avr. 2021 01:46
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5 pounds type 1955
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Banque d'Angleterre (1944-1956)
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Bank of England 5 pound note 1955 Nice Shape A39A018346. This is a large banknote printed in Great Britain on July 30, 1955. It has been circulated and has several pencil and pen marks on it both front and back, but overall is a pretty clean looking banknote. The corners are intact and clean, the top margin has a slight fleabite. The front right side has another slight fleabite off the edge. There is evidence that this note was folded at one time (who carries a wallet big enough to keep them flat?) as there are some lines more visible down the back where they were dirtier. No pinholes that I can see. It measures about 5 1/4 inches high and 8 1/4 inches wide. 13.5 cm by 21.5 cm. The paper is has a wrinkled texture but the note lays flat. The front of the note has a faded red mark of 60 above the right serial number and two pencil marks of 25 and 70 to the left of L K O'Brien's signature as the Chief Cashier. The back of the note has a stamp of 28541 on the left side , a pe…