Annonce 355409

Malaya et Bornéo britannique
1 dollar type 1959

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10 avr. 2021 03:50
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20 avr. 2021 03:50
53 $
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Malaya et Bornéo britannique
Dénomination :
1 dollar type 1959
Référence :
Pick : #8Aa , TBB : B108b
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Grade :
PMG 58
Date :
Alphabet :
B/72 782487  
Émetteur :
Board of Commissioners of Currency (1959-1961)
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TT PK 8A 1959 MALAYA & BRITISH BORNEO / BRITISH ADMIN 1 DOLLAR PMG 58 CHOICE ABOUT UNC! 1959 1 Dollar from Malaya & British Borneo / British Admin. Pk 8A with serial number B/72 782487. Graded 58 Choice About Uncirculated by PMG. This is a beautiful piece that has retained complete originality and color over several decades. Well-centered with crispness and embossing fully intact! With nearly 20 years experience, we state its today’s EBay Buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's insane ridiculous lowest possible prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified United States Rare Paper Money some 10 years ago ,We insisted and declared please buy less notes but purchase the highest grades that you can afford for each type note . Today, those same notes are 5-10-15-20 times the value of their initial selling prices History often repeats itself and WORLD PAPER is the last frontier in…