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20 pounds type 2004

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19 avr. 2021 04:36
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26 avr. 2021 04:36
120 $
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20 pounds type 2004
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Pick : #13 , TBB : B309
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PMG 66
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A/1 000000  
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Gouvernement de Saint-Hélène (2004-2012)
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This listing consists of note(s) as described above. Please see photo for details. Regarding grading of Bank Notes - As noted by Krause: "Grading is the most controversial component of paper money collecting today". I do my best to adhere to common practise in grading. If you don't agree with my grading, you have full right of return, no questions asked. These are the terms I use: Uncirculated (UNC): A perfectly preserved note, never mishandled. Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners are sharp and square without any evidence of rounding. I include French printed notes, which usually have a slight ripple in the paper, into this category. About Uncirculated (AU): A virtually perfect note, with some minor handling. An AU note cannot be creased, a crease being a hard fold which has usually "broken" the surface of the note. Extremely Fine (XF): A very attractive note, with light handling. May have a maximum of three light folds or one strong cre…