Annonce 391622

Irlande du Nord
100 pounds

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10 juin 2021 02:10
Fin de la vente :
20 juin 2021 02:10
52 $
19 enchères
Indice rareté :
Pays :
Irlande du Nord
Dénomination :
100 pounds
Référence :
Pick : #64bs , TBB : B112
Qualité :
Grade :
PMG 67
Date :
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TT PK 64bs 1978 IRELAND NORTHERN 100 POUNDS SPECIMEN PMG 67 EPQ SUPERB TIED AS BEST! ND (1978) 100 Pounds from Ireland - Northern. Pk 64bs and serial number A000000. Specimen note graded 67 Exceptional Paper Quality Superb Gem Uncirculated by PMG. Tied as best with none graded finer according to PMG Population Report! A richly designed banknote awarded a prestigious superb gem grade supported by its flawless margins, striking inks, heavy embossing, and exorbitant crispness! Outstanding example that exemplifies what it is to be of superior quality! An abundance of quality and charm surrounds this beautiful superb gem note. The word 'SPECIMEN" is printed in large front in bold black on both sides. Black serial number on the face of the note. Red on multicolored underprint. Mercury at left, woman with harp at right. Airplane, bank building, and boat on back. 134mmx66mm. Without the word Sterling after Pound. Signature(s): A. S. J. O'Neill. With nearly 20 years experienc…