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200 yuan type 1949

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07 sep. 2021 16:49
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07 oct. 2021 16:49
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200 yuan type 1949
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Pick : #838a , TBB : B4041a
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Banque populaire de Chine (1948-2020)
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TT PK 838s 1949 CHINA 200 YUAN HIGHLY DESIRED SPECIMEN LCG 64 VERY CHOICE NEW 1949 200 Yuan from China. People's Bank. Pk 838s with serial number I II III 00000000 048146. Graded 64 Very Choice New by LCG. A beautiful Specimen highlighted by well detailed vignettes of the Great Wall on the front and detailing ornate on back. Intricate borders and guilloche designs draw a great attraction to this note. 1949. Purple on green underprint. Great Wall at right. Back: Purple. (S/M number C282-47). As a specimen banknote. With more than 25 years of experience, we can say with confidence that it’s the eBay buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's low prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified United States Paper Money more than 15 years ago, we advised customers to buy fewer notes but purchase the highest grades that you can afford for each type. Today, those notes are worth five, ten,…