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15 sep. 2021 17:49
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15 oct. 2021 17:49
39 $C
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10 rupees
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Pick : #40a , TBB : B222
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PMG 35
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Y/84 454806  
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India Rs 10, PMG Graded 35, Choice Very Fine, Pick# 40a, Inset A, Prefix Y, Sri P C Bhattacharya, the then Governor, RBI, Government of India. Type D-7 or "Jhun". Excellent Collection, Grab it fast.(A) 'Auction': Successful bidders may buy any number of items for the bids won during 3 days but before making payment, they need to get all the items clubbed by sending a message to the seller. Once the clubbing is done by the seller and an invoice to this effect is sent to their mail box, payment for all the items can be done together for combined shipping of the items saving thereby a considerable amount towards the shipping cost. (B) 'Buy it Now': The buyers may buy any number of different items by putting all items into their cart before payment. Once this is done, they can make payment now for all items together and automatically get the benefit of combined shipping saving thereby a considerable amount towards the shipping cost.Choice Very Fin…