Annonce - 471682 - Israël : 10 lirot type 1958

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23 nov. 2021 22:43
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23 déc. 2021 22:43
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10 lirot type 1958
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Pick : #32c , TBB : B409c
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PMG 67
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504276 K/5  
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1958 ISRAEL 10 LIROT P32c PMG 67 EPQ Superb Gem UNC 10 Lirot Obverse: scientist Reverse: Dead Sea Scrolls, Israel Museum Dominant color: purple Dimensions: 150 x 82 mm Signatures: David Horowitz, Governor Bank of Israel; Yitzhak Nebenzahl, Chairman Advisory Council Printers (unverified): Thomas de la Rue, London The obverse of the 10 Lirot (Bank of Israel series II) banknote shows a figure of a scientist at work in a well-equipped laboratory. In real life, one single gentleman posed for the photograph that formed the basis for the figure on the banknote, not in a lab, but against a dark sheet or blanket in the background.The banknote's reverse shows a segment of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in eleven caves at Qumran on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea between 1947 and 1979, and now housed in the Shrine of the Book on the campus of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The Dead Sea Scrolls are handwritten and date from a period between the 3rd century BC and 68 AD. The fra…


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