Annonce - 647838 - Irak : 25000 dinars type 1424

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06 août 2022 04:00
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07 août 2022 04:00
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25000 dinars type 1424
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Pick : #96 , TBB : B352
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Hello and thanks for looking at this auction! You are bidding on 25,000 Iraqi Dinar. Along with your purchase will be a signed and stamped certificate, valid through December 10, 2022 guaranteeing you an additional 20,000,000 new Iraq Dinar for free if the rate increases via official revalue to a .1:1 or higher against the US dollar (In other words, 10 cents per dinar.) This is not valid in the case of a “lop” where they remove zeros from the notes, but no exchange value or buying power is gained, (a lop benefits no one monetarily) No further purchase is necessary to receive the 20,000,000 dinar. Please be careful when spending money on Dinar. There are plenty of people who will promise you that a revalue is coming soon, but the truth is that no one knows for sure and people have been waiting a long time with nothing to show for it. If a revalue does happen it will be a life changing event for a lot of us, but please do not spend money on anything dinar-related that you can not aff…


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