Annonce - 836414 - Bahamas : 20 dollars type 1974

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13 oct. 2023 09:22
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13 nov. 2023 08:22
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20 dollars type 1974
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Pick : #39a , TBB : B304a
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PMG 55
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Banque centrale des Bahamas (1974-2021)
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Bahamas $20 (Twenty Dollars) Pick# 39a 1974 PMG 55 About Uncirculated Banknote. Obverse:The front of the banknote likely features a portrait of a notable Bahamian figure, possibly a political leader or historical figure. The denomination "Twenty Dollars" is prominently displayed, indicating the value of the banknote. The design might also include various security features such as watermarks, security threads, and intricate patterns to prevent counterfeiting.Reverse:The back of the banknote likely features imagery representing the Bahamas, such as local landmarks, natural scenery, or cultural symbols. It might depict scenes from the country's natural beauty, such as beaches, marine life, or indigenous flora.Grading:A PMG grade of 55 (About Uncirculated) suggests that the banknote shows moderate handling but retains most of its original crispness and sharpness. There may be minor folds or creases, but overall, the note appears well-preserved.Please note that the specif…


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