Annonce - 837102 - Île de Man : 20 pounds

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14 oct. 2023 05:37
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14 nov. 2023 04:37
199 $
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Pays :
Île de Man
Dénomination :
20 pounds
Référence :
Pick : #45a , TBB : B117
Qualité :
Grade :
PMG 64
Date :
Alphabet :
Émetteur :
Isle of Man Government
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

Isle of Man 20 Pounds Pick# 45a ND (2000) PMG 64 Uncirculated Banknote. The Isle of Man 20 Pounds banknote you're referring to, with Pick number 45a and designated as ND (No Date), has been certified by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) with a grade of 64, indicating it is in Uncirculated (UNC) condition. Here's a description based on the provided information:Obverse:The front of the banknote likely features important figures, symbols, or landmarks representing the Isle of Man. The denomination "20 Pounds" is prominently displayed, indicating the value of the banknote. The design may include intricate patterns, watermarks, and other security features typical of modern banknotes.Reverse:The reverse side of the banknote might feature additional imagery related to the Isle of Man, such as natural landscapes, historical sites, or cultural symbols.Grading:A PMG grade of 64 (Uncirculated) suggests that the banknote is in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear or handl…


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