Annonce - 840138 - France : 50 francs type 1868 Bleu à indices noirs

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20 oct. 2023 01:50
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20 nov. 2023 00:50
21 726 $C
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50 francs type 1868 Bleu à indices noirs
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Pick : #51b
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PMG 30
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R.83   75
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Banque de France (1862-1872)
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I suggest youAN EXTREMELY RAREand AUTHENTIC!TICKET FROM 50 FRANCSCLERMONT-FERRAND OF 24-10-1870ALPHABET R.83NUMBER 75TTB (3 pinnings)PMG 30: 3 PINHOLESIN THE PMG “REPORT POPULATION”: the ONLY GRADED EXEMPLARY! HAVE THESE TICKETS CERTIFIED FROM CLERMONT-FERRAND BECAUSE AS Claude Fayette INDICATES on the inventory of his site:“The numbering information mentioned cannot be considered as proof of authenticity, in particular for the 25 franc and 50 franc Clermont-Ferrand banknotes”For your information, the ticket illustrating the last FAYETTE-DESSAL bears the same alphabet and the number 72, it comes like this one from the 2009 find by the Numismatic Cabinet France Collection of MONTARGIS. Satisfied or refunded - If you wish to have precisions on our objects, Do not hesitate to ask us for additional scans. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. Here is the approximate detail of our prices for our shipments in Metropolitan France: Only this rate will be in effect during your bi…


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