Annonce - 840280 - États de la Caraïbe orientale : 20 dollars

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20 oct. 2023 12:00
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20 nov. 2023 11:00
69 $
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États de la Caraïbe orientale
Dénomination :
20 dollars
Référence :
Pick : #49a , TBB : B233
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Grade :
PMG 64
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Émetteur :
Banque centrale des Caraïbes orientales (1985-2020)
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The East Caribbean States $20 banknote, Pick 49a (2008 series), graded by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) as "64 EPQ Uncirculated," is a highly collectible and well-preserved banknote. Here's what this information signifies:Denomination: $20 (Twenty Dollars)Series: Pick 49a (2008)Grade: 64 EPQ UncirculatedEPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality): The EPQ designation indicates that the banknote is of exceptional paper quality, showing no visible signs of wear, folds, or handling. This designation enhances the collectible value of the banknote.Grade 64: Grading services like PMG use a numerical grading scale to assess the condition of banknotes, usually ranging from 1 to 70. A grade of 64 indicates that the banknote is in choice uncirculated condition with very minor imperfections.Uncirculated: An uncirculated banknote is one that has never been used in commerce, showing no signs of wear, folds, or handling. Such banknotes are highly desirable among collectors.Historical Context: Th…


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