Annonce - 844622 - Pays-Bas : 25 gulden type 1931 Mees

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30 oct. 2023 04:41
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30 nov. 2023 04:41
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25 gulden type 1931 Mees
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Pick : #50
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PMG 67
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De Nederlandsche Bank (1924-1943)
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Netherlands 25 Gulden Pick# 50 1931-41 PMG 67 EPQ Superb Gem Unc Banknote The Netherlands 25 Gulden banknote you are referring to, designated as Pick# 50, and graded by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) as 67 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), Superb Gem Uncirculated, is a highly valuable and exceptionally well-preserved piece of currency.Front Design:The central motif likely features intricate designs, possibly including images representing Dutch heritage, culture, or historical figures.The denomination, "25 Gulden," is prominently displayed, indicating the monetary value of the banknote.Dutch text and possibly other languages are present, indicating the issuing authority, denomination, and other relevant information.Back Design:The reverse side may feature additional intricate designs, possibly mirroring some elements from the front or showcasing different motifs related to the Netherlands' culture or history.Texts in Dutch or other languages may be present, providing addit…


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