Annonce - 855152 - Brésil : 500 cruzeiros

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21 nov. 2023 07:28
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21 déc. 2023 07:28
160 $
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500 cruzeiros
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Pick : #196Aa , TBB : B818a
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PMG 66
Date :
Alphabet :
B02741   097651
Émetteur :
Banco Central do Brasil
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Brazil 500 Cruzeiros Pick# 196Aa 1971 (ND 1979) Commemorative PMG 66 EPQ Gem Unc. Top Pop Obverse:The front of the banknote likely features a portrait of a prominent Brazilian figure, possibly a political leader or historical figure, given that it is a commemorative note. The design could celebrate a significant event, anniversary, or achievement in Brazilian history. The denomination "500 Cruzeiros" is prominently displayed, indicating the value of the banknote. Intricate patterns, watermarks, and security features could be present to prevent counterfeiting.Reverse:The reverse side of the banknote might feature commemorative imagery related to the event or person being celebrated. This could include symbols, landmarks, or scenes significant to the occasion. The design might also incorporate elements representing Brazil's cultural heritage, natural beauty, or historical landmarks.Commemorative Theme (1979):Without specific details on the commemorative theme, it'…


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