Annonce - 931122 - Tchécoslovaquie : 10 korun type 1986

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24 avr. 2024 08:32
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24 mai 2024 08:32
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10 korun type 1986
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Pick : #94a , TBB : B322a
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PMG 66
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Alphabet :
J33   095766
Émetteur :
Banque d'État de Tchécoslovaquie (1985-1989)
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This is a Czechoslovakia 10 Korun Pick# 94a 1986 PMG 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated Banknote. It has been certified by PMG and has a certification number of 2290501022. The banknote belongs to the type of banknotes and was manufactured in Czechoslovakia. The country of origin and region of manufacture are Czechoslovakia, and it is categorized under Czechoslovakia, Europe, Paper Money: World, and Coins & Paper Money. The banknote is uncirculated and has not been used before. It has a grade designation of EPQ/PPQ and has an overall grade of 66.WHAT MAKES BLOC GALLERIES SPECIAL Our Team: At the heart of Bloc Galleries is a belief: no great endeavor is ever accomplished without extraordinary people. We're not just employees doing a job. Like you, we are avid collectors bound by a deep-rooted passion for the world of collecting. Every artifact and every note has a story, and we are as invested in discovering and sharing these tales as you are. It's not just about the hours we pou…


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