Annonce - 944989 - Serbie : 1000 dinara type 1942

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15 juin 2024 17:53
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15 juil. 2024 17:53
580 $
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1000 dinara type 1942
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Pick : #32a , TBB : B311a
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PMG 58
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N.0218   538
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Serbian National Bank
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SERBIA 1942 1000 DINARA GERMAN OCCUPATION WWII PICK 32a VALUE $580 S/N N. 0218 538 Wmk: King PeterNational BankCH AB UNC 58 The Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia was the area of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that was placed under a military government of occupation by the Wehrmacht following the invasion, occupation and dismantling of Yugoslavia in April 1941. The territory included only most of modern central Serbia, with the addition of the northern part of Kosovo (around Kosovska Mitrovica), and the Banat. This territory was the only area of partitioned Yugoslavia in which the German occupants established a military government. This was due to the key rail and the Danube transport routes that passed through it, and its valuable resources, particularly non-ferrous metals.On 22 April 1941, the territory was placed under the supreme authority of the German military commander in Serbia, with the day-to-day administration of the territory under the control of the chief of the…


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