Annonce - 950876 - Hongrie : 100 pengo type 1930

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10 juil. 2024 18:49
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10 août 2024 18:49
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100 pengo type 1930
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Pick : #112 , TBB : B510
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PMG 65
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*E088 015826  
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Banque Nationale de Hongrie
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The Hungary National Bank 100 Pengo banknote from 1930 is a significant piece of Hungarian history. During the 1930s Hungary experienced economic challenges exacerbated by the global Great Depression. The issuance of banknotes such as the 100 Pengo reflected the country's efforts to stabilize its economy and maintain financial stability during this turbulent period. As a tangible artifact of Hungary's economic and historical evolution, the 100 Pengo banknote serves as a reminder of the country's resilience in the face of adversity. Collectors and enthusiasts value it not only for its numismatic significance but also for its role in preserving Hungary's heritage.WHAT MAKES BLOC GALLERIES SPECIAL Our Team: At the heart of Bloc Galleries is a belief: no great endeavor is ever accomplished without extraordinary people. We're not just employees doing a job. Like you, we are avid collectors bound by a deep-rooted passion for the world of collecting. Every artifac…


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