25 gulden Type 1949 Salomo


Pick: #84 , Autre: #82-1

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Netherlands. 1947-1949 Issues. De Nederlandsche Bank. Printer: Johan Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem. Designer: Johannes Bernardus (Jan) Sleper (1919-2000). Dimensions: 145 x 81 mm. Date: 01-07-1949. No security thread. Material: paper. Texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Front and back printing predominantly orange-brown and blue. Frame and background with guilloche patterns in repetition. At center left, the name of the bank, the value and below the signatures. Watermark at left. Portrait of King Solomon at right with a representation of the "Legend of Martin's cloak", famous scene of the Middle Ages and symbol of Sharing: in 334, Martin de Tours is a Roman soldier. During a patrol near Amiens, he sees a poor man who is cold. With the help of his sword, he cuts his coat in two and gives him half. Value 25 in white at left. Signatures: Secretaris, De Jong / President, Holtrop. Description of the back: Blue and orange-brown. Frame and background with guilloche patterns in repetition. At center, the name of the bank, the DNB bank monogram. Below, a large orange rosette with value 25 inside. At left and right, the text of Law. Series letters and banknote number are printed in brown and repeated two time. At right, the watermark. Amsterdam and date in brown at top right. The specimen is known overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally front and back. The note is known perforated horizontally "2 4 47". Other reference: Akkermans/Vercoulen 054,1.

Autres billets de De Nederlandsche Bank (1947-1949)

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