300 gulden Type 1914


Pick: #32B , Autre: #137-1

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Netherlands. 1904-1924 Issues. De Nederlandsche Bank. Old Style. Hilfsbiljet (auxiliary note). Printer: Johan Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem. Dimensions: 210 x 130 mm. Date: 1.8.1914. No security thread. Material: paper. Texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Beige paper. Black frame with patterns and rosettes. Frame with bezel in which the value, place of issue and date of issue below. In field the name of the bank and value above blue decorations. Greatest rarity. Two copies are known in the collection of De Niederlandsche Bank, numbered NB 83603 and NB 83604. Serial number only NB. The banknote number and signatures are printed in black. Signatures: Secretaris: Moens / President: Vissering. Back: Blank.

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