40 gulden Type 1921 Maurits


Pick: #37 , Autre: #93-1

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Netherlands. 1919-1923 Issues. De Nederlandsche Bank. New Style. Designer: Jan Visser (1856-1938). Dimensions: 175 x 100 mm. Dates: Varieties. No security thread. Material: paper. Texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Front and back printing predominantly green. Mercury seated at left, portrait of Prince Maurits van Nassau (1567-1625) at top center, galleon at right and painting "Schreier's Tower in Amsterdam" by Jacob Maris. Value 40 at the 4 corners. In field the name of the bank, the value in letters and handwritten signatures at center in black. Signatures: Secretaris: Delprat / President: Vissering. Back: light and dark green. Bank building on the Oude Turfmarkt. Amsterdam with the date at left and right. Series letters and banknote numbers are printed in black and repeat three time. Value 40 at the 2 corners in rosettes.

Autres billets de De Nederlandsche Bank - New Style (1919-1923)

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