50 gulden Type 1884 muntbiljet


Pick: #3 , Autre: #95

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Netherlands. 1894-1898 Issues. Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Nederlands). Ministerie van Financiën. Muntbiljet. Various date and signature varieties. Standing woman (Hollandia) and lion at left. Portrait of the King Willem III as child at right. No security thread. Material: paper. Dark red texts in Dutch at center. Description of the front: dark blue and green frame with floral patterns and lions. Value 50 at the 3 corners. The banknote number, series and signatures are printed in black. A proof note is known printed on both sides in blue without serial number and signatures. Very rare note.

Autres billets de Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Muntbiljet (1878-1914)

pick#1 10 gulden type 1878-1894
pick#2 10 gulden type 1894-1898
pick#3 50 gulden type 1884 muntbiljet
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