50 gulden Type 1941 Oestereetser


Pick: #58 , Autre: #97-1

Liste des références


Netherlands. 1924-1943 Issues. De Nederlandsche Bank. Printer: Johan Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem. Designer: Leo Leendert Gestel (1881-1941). Dimensions: 165 x 94 mm. Dates: 07.01.1941 to 06.02.1943. No security thread. Material: paper. Texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Front and back printing predominantly dark brown and multicolor. Background with guilloches patterns in repetition. Portrait of woman at left and right, part of painting "The Oystereaters" by Jan Steen. At center, the name of the bank, the value and below five rosettes with the signatures in black. Watermark at left. Signatures: De Secretaris, Westerman Holstijn / De President, Trip. Description of the back: brown, pink and dark green. Winter Landscape by Issac van Ostade (1621-1649) in a medallion with the text of Law at up. Background with weavy lines and multicolor rosettes. Series letters and banknote numbers are printed in black and repeat four time. At right, the watermark, Amsterdam and date in black. The specimen is known perforated horizontally "INGETROKKEN".

Autres billets de De Nederlandsche Bank (1924-1943)

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