50 gulden Type 1982 Zonnebloem


Pick: #96 , Autre: #100-1

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Netherlands. 1977-1997 Issues. De Nederlandsche Bank. Printer: Johan Enschedé en Zonen (JEZ), Haarlem. Designers: RDE "Ootje" Oxenaar (1929–2017) and J.J. Kruit (1951-). Watermark: Bee. Vertical format. Dimensions: 148 x 76 mm. Date: 04-01-1982. Issued into circulation at 7 September 1982. Security signs: Built into the paper fibers, in the ultraviolet, are yellow. No security thread. Material: paper. Texts in Dutch. Description of the front: Front and back printing predominantly orange and yellow on multicolor underprint. At right in vertically, the name of the bank, the value in letters, Amsterdam, date and the signatures in orange. At left, the watermark. Value 50 in orange at left top corner. Sunflower with bee at lower center. Signatures: Secretaris: F.F. Posthumus Meyjes, President: Willem Frederik "Wim" Duisenberg. Description of the back: multicolor. Security background in graphic design with Map and field of sun flowers. Value 50 in orange at 2 corners. Watermark at right and the text of Law at left (Art. 208). Serial banknote number is printed in black and repeated two time. The specimen is known overprinted in red diagonally front and reverse in open letters "SPECIMEN" with specimen number "0000" in black on front. Other reference: Soetens/Grolle/Koeze 17,2.

Autres billets de De Nederlandsche Bank (1977-1997)

pick#96 50 gulden type 1982 Zonnebloem
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